Insulation rubber sheet introduction and advantages

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Insulation rubber sheet

What is Insulation rubber sheet? Insulation rubber sheet is widely used in various industries, such as automobile manufacturing, plant construction, industrial products and so on. Why is that? Because in addition to having good insulation, it also has good high pressure resistance. Because of this characteristic, the Insulation rubber sheet can not be replaced by other sheets.

First of all, let's understand the origin of rubber. The source of rubber is the latex of rubber trees and other plants. The elasticity of rubber has become a reason for choosing a Insulation rubber sheet. The good elasticity makes the Insulation rubber sheet not easy to break in other processes such as floor laying, and has good extensibility and extensibility.

The depth or height of the mark or convex part of the insulating rubber plate shall not exceed the thickness tolerance of the rubber plate, the bubbles per square meter, the bubbles with an area of less than 1cm2 shall not exceed 5, the distance between any two bubbles shall not be less than 40mm, the depth and length of the impurities shall not exceed the thickness of the rubber plate shall not be less than 40mm, the edge of the rubber plate shall not be uneven or the width of the spongy part shall not exceed 10mm, The length does not exceed 1/10 of the total length of the rubber sheet, and cracks are not allowed. The most important thing to choose rubber as an insulating board is that the rubber has good Insulation, which makes the Insulation rubber sheet can also work normally under high voltage and is not affected by high voltage. According to the different voltage levels, the insulating rubber sheet can be used as a product to adapt to different needs, in this case, the efficiency of the work is greatly improved.

Insulation rubber sheet also has a good waterproof,Insulation rubber sheet on the ground to effectively prevent the accident of water leakage, played a role in protecting the life safety of the staff. Rubber is not only used in the power industry but also widely used in other industrial fields. The color of the insulating rubber board is also very diverse, mainly black, red, green and other colors. Thickness can be customized according to customer needs. High quality insulating rubber sheet has good insulation properties, the material does not include any non-insulating substances, excellent mechanical properties.

Insulation rubber sheet